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Breast Cancer? Breast Health!
  The Wise Woman Way. By Susun S. Weed

control of their own breast health. Loaded with specific information on anti-cancer lifestyles, herbal allies for women dancing with cancer and alternative/complementary medicines to aid them through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Whether your interest is prevention (anti-cancer foods, breast self massage, building powerful immunity) or diagnosis (mammograms and worrisome lumps) or treatment (alternative or conventional) -- all the tools and help you need are gathered together in this one incredible resource. Look here first for information on and remedies for the side-effects of all major treatments, a level-headed look at alternatives, and a first-person account by a woman twice diagnosed with breast cancer; including her journey with surgery, chemotherapy, and herbs.

Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way includes a full Materia Medica of Herbal Allies. Plus an herbal pharmacy section including delicious dinner dishes as well as simple instructions for making any of the safe, successful remedies described in the book. IT is simple, practical, and safe.

Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way germinated while Ms. Weed was writing Menopausal Years. "I realized that I was not going to die of hot flashes, but that breast cancer could kill me. My best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. How could I protect myself? Should I get a mammogram? That question led me to lots of others, and some surprising answers."

Ash Tree Publishing was founded in 1985 to reweave the healing cloak of the Ancients and to make the Wise Woman Tradition available to modern women. The information gathered in Ash Tree books offers women simple, easy, successful, and safe ways to regain and maintain health.

Sample Review:
What a gift to women of all ages! This book helped me overcome my fear of what I might discover during self-examination. I am so grateful that this book came my way and I am healthier in mind, body, and spirit thanks to Ms. Weed's wise words! All of my questions and doubts were addressed in a voice that speaks for all the wise women who have chosen the path of natural and sensible personal health. If I could, I would give a copy of this book to every woman in the world!

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