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Knowing how to cook is vital, even in this age of fast food. By consuming fresh home cooked meals, you know what you are eating.

This category contains cookbooks of significant influence or popularity, including books that have served as references of record for major national cuisines, popular or influential books and series of books (especially those that have drastically influenced the cooking and eating habits of their intended audience), and the masterworks of prominent chefs and food writers. Also included are works that represent significant advances in the craft of food writing, particularly unusual or influential new media forms.

 Edmonds Cookery Book (5046)
Spiral bound by Goodman Fielder New Zealand Limited. The Edmonds cooking book could be said to form the basis of New Zealand cousine. For anyone learning ton cook, this book covers all the basics from meal preparation to cakes and desserts. The Edmonds Cookery Book is the quintessential gu...
 Macrobiotic Approach to Cancer (4073)
Michio Kushi is a pioneer in relating diet to the elimination of the diseases that afflict us. This book give an overview of cancer from a holistic perspective and a dietary program to help elimiate it from your body.
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