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Spiritual Books

We are ultimately spiritual beings, yet the understanding of what this means can be preplexing.

The books here may shed some light on the spiritual side of being human.

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 Ecotopia (6955)
A classic of earth consciousness." The USA divides into East representing the destruction, greed and environmental decay while the West progresses along a green path to create an idealised future. Essential reading for the environmentally and humanely concerned. --Denis Hayes, original coo...
 In Search of the Holy Grail and the Precious Blood (5574)
A Travellers' Guide. Bet you didn't know that all over Europe there are remnants of the Grail and pieces of the DaVinci Code!! These authors have done a marvelous job of detailing the history behind those areas in a great travel-guide type book with maps!! Too bad it's out of print right now, and...
 The Gnostic Gospels (2416)
Of Philip, Mary Magdalene,and Thomas: Inside the Da Vinci Code and Holy Blood, Holy Grail. This is a well written book. It gives the reader a mini-course in Gnostic beliefs and terms as a primer so the texts that follow can be easily understood.Gnostic cosmology and theology is explained in b...
 Living The Naked Life (6809)
10 Ways to Expose Your Unlimited Creation Abilities Authored by Nadine Sabulsky, The Naked Life Coach Photographs by Brian Gilmore Concisely explaining how our minds work in connection with the Universe, Living the Naked Life gives an in-depth look at how our concepts and beliefs shape our re...
 From the Big Bang to God (2995)
By Professor Lloyd Geering. The idea of evolution is the most life-changing concept to have emerged in modern times, but most people know of it only in fragments. The evolution of the universe, of planet Earth, of life and of human culture is a truly breathtaking story that can be told in many wa...
 Relax with Yoga (3167)
The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath and Relax By Yogi Ramacharaka, Arthur Liebers This book provides a complete Yoga practice including an extremely comprehensive classic book on Yogic Breathing, by Yogi Ramacharaka. This book covers not only the basics, but also includes the value of breath in the...
 The Book of Secrets (4102)
Keys to Love and Meditation By Osho There is a meditation technique for every man or woman in the world. In this book, Osho teaches how to isolate the techniques that are best for each individual and urges readers not to be passive but rigorous examiners of their own inner landscapes. From Th...
 The Purpose-driven Life (3176)
What on Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren The spiritual premise in The Purpose-Driven Life is that there are no accidents---God planned everything and everyone. Therefore, every human has a divine purpose, according to God's master plan. Like a twist on John F. Kennedy's famous inaugural add...
 Universal Compassion (5293)
Inspiring Solutions for Difficult Times By Kelsang Gyatso Geshe The heart of Buddha's teachings is unconditional love and compassion. In this inspired explanation of the popular Buddhist poem 'Training the Mind in Seven Points', Geshe Kelsang reveals powerful and far-reaching methods for us to d...
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