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The Surrendered Single
  A Practical Guide to Attracting and Marrying the Man Who's Right for You By Lisa Doyle

This controversial approach to dating has given thousands of single women everything they need to attract romance, intimacy, and a marriage proposal - while answering the question, "Where are all the good men?"

A Surrendered Single doesn't have to look for Mr. Right - she attracts him.

In her popular workshops, Laura Doyle has taught thousands of accomplished women the principles of The Surrendered Single. They are simple: when you try to control who asks you out, when a man will call, or corner him into a commitment, you drive him away. When you let him woo you instead, tenderness and romance appear. You enjoy the pleasure of being pursued. You feel confident, feminine, and dignified. Dating becomes fun again. Marriage follows. You stop going it alone.

Practical and compassionate, The Surrendered Single is a step-by-step guide that teaches women how to:
Ask men to ask you out so that you always have a date
Avoid the remorse of, "I wish I hadn't said..."
Judge a man's character in 30 days or less
Become your best self and attract a man at your level
Whether you're recovering from a break-up or divorce, already on the dating scene or wanting to take your current romance to the next level, The Surrendered Single will show you how to have the relationship you've always dreamed of...

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