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Male Sexuality

Competition, stress, poor nutrition, overwork and challanging relationships all take a heavy toll on men's lives.

The products listed here are tools to maintain sexual fitness and help in the area of sexual healing.

Increase your attractiveness, prowess and vitality.
Correct pyrones (bent penis) syndrome or learn how to sustain longer erections and keep your partner happy.

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Tools for loving
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Power for long hours of loving
 Proshape Rx (3067)

Very few weight loss products available without prescription are as effective as Proactol now sold as Proactol Plus. This clinically proven product (MDD 93/42/EEC) is set to become one of the most credible weight loss pills available online and without prescription today. It is backed by no le...

 Erection Fitness (22391)
Erection Fitness is the best enlargement exercise program available. The Erection Fitness program comes with a 1 month supply of VigRX Plus™ and VigRX Oil™. Suitable for men aged 21 to 60+ who are looking to increase quality of erections.
 Provacyl (4906)
A dietary supplement pill, taken twice a day suitable for men age 40 to 65+ who are looking to address the symptoms of andropause. As a human growth hormone (HGH) releaser, Provacyl is positioned to help millions address the symptoms of gradual decrease of hormone production in men, with a potent...
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