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Creative projects for the young at heart.

The roots of needlepoint go back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians, who used small slanted stitches to sew up their canvas tents. Howard Carter, of Tutankhamen fame, found some needlepoint in the Cave of a Pharaoh who had lived 1500 years before Christ. Modern needlepoint descends from the canvas work in Tent Stitch, done on an evenly woven open ground fabric, that was a popular domestic craft in the 16th century, DEvelopment of needlepoint also got significant contributions from 17th-century Bargello through the shaded Berlin wool work in brightly-colored wool yarn in the 19th CEntury. Upholstered furniture became the fashion in the 17th century, and this prompted the development of a more durable material to serve as a foundation for the embroidered works of art.

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 Wedding Bells (1330)
All the wedding dramas! In this design shows all the wedding dramas you run through your head before the big day!
 'Advice for New Love' Needlepoint Postcard (1237)
Follow the flight of a bird, and reach for the stars needlepoint postcard design from New Zealand...
 'Bathing Beauties' Needlepoint Postcard (1313)
This funky needlepoint postcard design from New Zealand was inspired by a beauty contest...
 'Cloud Watcher' Needlepoint Postcard (1355)
She lay in the meadow to watch the clouds form different shapes - a funky needlepoint postcard from New Zealand...
 'Flower Bed' Needlepoint Postcard (1187)
The companion to 'Gardener's Bottom' needlepoint postcard: the 'Flower bed'...
 'Girl Talk' Needlepoint Postcard (1323)
Catching up with your friends, share that something special that only girls can do, planning and dreaming of the future, over a coffee and forget about the world around me - or of course, pull out my needlepoint postcard and work away on it...
 'Line Dried' Needlepoint Postcard (1206)
Hanging out the washing...another crazy needlepoint postcard from New Zealand for your collection.
 'Making Waves' Needlepoing Postcard (1224)
A design especially for those who are ‘making waves’ – be it in your own lunch box, bath, home or place of work! I love the image of something so soothing as a bath possibly being the place where revolutions start! - a crazy needlepoint postcard from NZ..
 'Men Slaves' Needlepoint Postcard (1221)
This funky needlepoint postcard design has a big accent on luxury. Isn't it time all women had a man slave?....
 'Pea Story' Needlepoint Postcard (1278)
Fairy stories all have an element of truth in them - and this one is no exception. The Princess couldn't believe the extraordinary measures the Queen took to keep her away...another crazy needlepoint postcard design from New Zealand.
 'Reach for the Sun' Needlepoint Postcard (1332)
This needlepoint postcard design has a sense of unfurling...
 'The Incredible Woman' Needlepoint Postcard (1237)
The energy required to get through the day - where do you get it from? I ask my friends here in New Zealand on a regular basis!...
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