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Despite the availability of 'ready made', the craft of knitting remains strong while the sources of good quality wool diminishes.

Wool is the classic knitting product. Renowned for its is warmth and versatility, wool retains 80% of its warmth when wet and is highly fire resistant.

Step-by-step instructions make it easy and fast to create stunning cushions, needlepoint postcards, learn how to knit, and learn French knitting in your home.

Something For Everyone... Wonderful strong colours, simple and easy instructions - something for everyone - young and old.

 Needlepoint Kit Postcards (1 | 23)
   Out and About
 Aztec Fortune Dolls (2183)
This kit makes 3 dolls...
 Guatemalan Worry Dolls (2495)
Tell a worry to a doll when...
 Knit Kit - Ball and Cat (2115)
Designed for the 'beginner knitter'...
 Knit Kit - Ball and Pig (2076)
Designed for the 'beginner knitter'...
 Merino Baby Hand Knitting Yarn (2045)
There is nothing else like this super soft 100% Merino Baby knitting yarn, now have a closer look.
 Ship Ahoy Children's Needlepoint Stitching. (1625)
High up in the lighthouse, Crafty Dog watches a passing boat. “Ship Ahoy” he calls out!
 Tapestry, Knitting, Needlepoint,Yarn (2121)
New Zealand designed kits to make Cushions, Needlepoint postcards, Learner Kits, French Knitting, as well as possum-wool yarn for making your own garments...
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