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Pacific Pearl Shell
 Koru Pacific Pearl Pendant - 10.70 (2077)
This Koru Pacific Pearl Pendant is truly a unique material to have a carved pendant made out of. Due to the wide range of coloration and layer formation in the shell, it is impossible for two pieces to ever be the same. Unique to New Zealand, for you...
 Open Koru Pacific Pearl Pendant - 10.43 (1984)
It is impossible for two pieces to ever be the same with these New Zealand hand carved pacific pearl pendants. The Koru Pacific Pearl Pendant comes with a traditional style cord, a woven flax presentation bag and a description of the story behind them...
 Pacific Pearl Twist: 2 3/4 inches (70mm Long) - 10.41a (2109)
Pacific Pearl shell, or Mother-of-Pearl, is a true treasure of the deep and is absolutely stunning when polished and carved. It has layers of gold or black through the silver/white pearl which seem to shift and swirl around as the carvings are turned.
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