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 Classic Fly Fishing in New Zealand Rivers Book (1937)
New Zealand is THE place to fly fish for Trout that are 8+ lbs in size! New Zealand offers perhaps the best wilderness fishing to be had anywhere in the world, and in 'Classic Fly Fishing in New Zealand Rivers Book'...
 Land Aspiring (1855)
The Story Of Mt Aspiring By Neville Peat Land Aspiring is a comprehensive and highly readable account of the natural and human history of New Zealand's third largest national park. Peat interweaves the park's absorbing human history - tales of the search for greenstone by Maori, the arduous ...
 Moirs Guide North Book (2156)
Introduction Dr George M Moir was a member of the NZ Alpine club and he and his fellow members complied this guide to the walks of southern New Zealand. (South of Mt Cook) The original guide books were originally published in 1925 and have been updated many times to accommodate changes in...
 Moirs Guide South Book (1940)
The classic guide to the back-packing, tramping and hunting areas of Fiordland and now the Eyre, Snowdon and Takitimu Mountains. This completely revised and updated sixth edition describes every known track and route in these areas including New Zealand's most famous walking tracks--the Milford, ...
 Mountain Solitudes Book (1912)
Solo Journeys in the Southern Alps of New Zealand...
 New Zealand White Water Book - 125 Great Kayaking Runs (1970)
'New Zealand White Water' book is a practical guide to 120 classic New Zealand white water kayaking runs, from moderate float trips to technical 'hair boating'....
 Tramping in the South Island: Arthurs Pass to Mt Cook Book (2098)
The definitive guide to tramping tracks and routes in the South Island...
 Tramping in the South Island: Nelson Lakes to Arthurs Pass Book (1970)
Comprehensive guide to tramping tracks and routes in the South Island...
 'Classic Tramping in New Zealand' Guide Book By Shaun Barnett and Rob Bro (2024)
'Classic Tramping in New Zealand' guide book is a beautiful and inspiring tribute to 12 classic New Zealand tramping trips. It covers tramps that are more challenging than the best known tracks, but which typify the essential NZ tramping experience...
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