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 Beach Bach's - Set of 5 Blank Greeting Cards (1244)
The west coast mecca for surfies and holiday homes, captured as 'Piha Beach' Blank Greeting Cards
 Bearded Iris Hand Made Card (1470)
A spectacular harbinger of spring, the large bearded iris is a favorite in New Zealand gardens for all generations to enjoy ...
 Blue Window Hand Made Card (1440)
Privacy is a valued commodity for Kiwis, but the gate is always unlocked for friends who drop by unannounced for a “cuppa.” Just the thing for an artistic friend...
 Calla Lily Hand Made Card (1427)
One of the most popular flowers in New Zealand, the calla is seen in many colours. But these white blooms exhibit a heart-catching purity, ideal as a gift for someone gifted with grace...
 Canna Lily Hand Made Card (1455)
The canna shows its vibrant blooms all summer in Kiwi gardens. New Zealanders love colourful gardens, so the canna is a favourite here. It would make a lovely surprise for a special friend...
 Frank's Ranunculus Hand Made Card (1242)
This proudly beautiful solo ranunculus says a great deal about the soul of New Zealand all alone at the bottom of the world, but spectacularly beautiful. The perfect card for a lively individualist.
 Moth Orchard Hand Made Card (1453)
Of course the orchid is right at home in the northern regions of New Zealand, where the climate is more tropical. The moth orchid is especially comfortable in the lovely Bay of Islands...
 Pink Cottage Hand Made Card (1320)
New Zealanders are understandably proud of their gardens. This wee cottage shows off a lovely summer display of hydrangeas. Send it to a friend who loves gardening...
 Pohutukawa Butterfly - Blank Greeting Cards (1263)
Set of 5 A wonderfully gracious creature is the Pohutukawa Butterfly- here it is has landed on our native 'Christmas tree' - the Pohutakawa.
 Poinsettia Hand Made Card (1496)
Christmas is the gateway to summer in New Zealand, when most of the country is on holiday. But the lovely poinsettia is still a part of the Christmas season for many people, this is an amazing natural christmas decoration ...
 Ponga Hand Made Card (1414)
The dominating ponga is the fern that symbolizes New Zealand. Many want the fern to be featured on a redesigned national flag. By the way, Kiwis pronounce it “PONG-uh,” not “Pong-guh.”
 Queens Garden Rose Hand Made Card (1496)
Dedicated to Queen Victoria more than a century ago, Queens Garden in central Nelson, New Zealand, is home to many horticultural varieties, including this Queens Garden Rose.
 Rose Window Hand Made Card (1433)
Cottage gardens are lovingly tended in New Zealand, but not overly manicured, so that there is a natural feeling to them. The cottages are usually as sweet as their gardens...
 Tui Bird & Rotorua Mudpools (1359)
Set of 5 Blank Greeting Cards Tui birds are members of the honeyeater family (Meliphagidae) and are endemic (can be found no where else) to New Zealand. Tui are medium-sized birds that are iridescent green and purple in colour. However, from afar, they appear black.
 Villa on the roundabout Hand Made Card (1392)
The cottage garden is more evident these days in New Zealand than it is in its birthplace, jolly old England. This enchanting wildflower garden is typical of the genre.
 Wild at Heart Hand Made Card (1432)
The cottage garden is more evident these days in New Zealand than it is in its birthplace, jolly old England. This enchanting wildflower garden is typical of the genre ...
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