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  Alteril™ is an all-natural sleeping aid, the result of 25 years of research into the science of sleep and the healthiest choice for someone looking for a little natural encouragement for dozing off a night.

Insomnia and symptoms of sleeplessness affect nearly 40 million Americans. Sleeping pills require a doctor's prescription and come with some nasty side effects, including dry mouth, loss of motor function, addiction and withdrawal symptoms. That's not including the risk of an accidental overdose.

Alteril™ consists of the most potent natural sleeping aids, including:
L-Tryptophan, an amino acid responsible for manufacturing the neurotransmitters that regulate your sleep and awake cycles.
Melatonin, a hormone that governs your circadian rhythm.
Valerian, which is a sedative that doesn't give that "hang-over" feeling.
L-Theanine, which reduces stress and anxiety while increasing "alpha" relaxation brain waves.

Combined, they form a potent combination guaranteed to gently guide you along to slumber. All in one convenient capsule. Alteril™ acts immediately and keeps you sleeping longer. You'll wake up refreshed and alert. This is without the side effects that you get with traditional sleeping pills. No addictive properties, no working up a tolerance, no dry mouth and no need for a trip to the doctor.

Just sleep, sweet, sweet sleep, when you need it most, to get you through mild insomnia and short-term bouts of sleeplessness.

Product Format:
Each package contains 60 tablets, a one-month supply.

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