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HarVokse - discontinued
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Har Vokse Dual Action Hair Re-growth Solution arrests hair loss, creates new growth and helps build thicker more beautiful hair! Har Vokse clinically proven hair restoration program works on two levels to tackle all stages of hair loss from the outside in.

Har Vokse™ is unique because it works on two levels: both protecting and strengthening existing hair while encouraging new growth.

HarVokse consists of two parts :- HarVokse spray cleanses the scalp enabling the hair to receive the nourishment it needs to become thicker, stronger and more beautiful.

HarVokse supplement stops hair loss, creates regrowth with thicker and shinier hair..

Studies that have been carried out and results Published in the Journal of international Medical Research. The study showed, amongst other positive effects that 90 % of the participants had an average of 62% hair regrowth.

Discovered and developed by Norwegian researchers investigating the effects of fish protein on hair loss, HarVokse is quite simply a breakthrough in hair restoration therapy.

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