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Proactol - Discontinued
  When first introduced, Proactol was a ground breaking development in weight loss treatment and exactly what over weight people had been looking for at the time.  Then ten years later, Proactol became Proactol Plus which improved its effectiveness so much so that today, very few weight loss products are as effective as Proactol Plus without a prescription.

How Proactol Plus works

This tried and tested product has been clinically proven to reduce fat absorption and as its made from 100% natural and organic plant extracts. Proactol Plus works by:

1 - Fat binding

As a “fat binder” Proactol Plus can block up to 28% of your dietary fat intake, and thats up to a quarter of the food that you eat. Proactol Plus does this by forming a fluid gel around fat calories in the food eaten making them too big to be absorbed by our body. By preventing this undigested fat from being digested and absorbed, it cannot be stored as body fat and it simply passes out through your body system thereby preventing weight gain.

2 - Appetite suppressor

Proactol Plus acts as a natural appetite suppressant as the soluble fiber present in each Proactol Plus pill makes your stomach feel fuller. As well as this, the effect of fat binding slows digestion so you don't feel as hungry.

When you don't feel the same need to eat, stored body fat is used as energy and when the fat in your food is not being absorbed, stored body fat begins to fall away and weight loss occurs helping you to reach your target weight, look and feel better as well as get into better fitting clothes.

Proactol Plus is a proven and popular weight loss product suitable for vegetarians and vegans, it contains no allergens, artificial colours, flavours, salt or preservatives that will help prevent fat absorption and suppress appetite.

If you need support in achieving the figure you want, or to improve your health by loosing weight with total peace of mind, try Proactol Plus

Priced from £24.99 with the following discount codes:

PRIV5 - Offers 5% discount and works with 1 month supply.
EXPIR1 - Offers 7% discount and works with 2 & 3 month supply orders.
PROAC8 - Offers 8% discount that works with 4 and 5 month supply orders only!

(This will depend on the checkout as not all Proactol Plus checkouts look the same, we're yet to implement checkout changes on the FR/DE/ES/GR and NL sites.)

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